Becky and Iains Seaside Smasher

  • When: 27th July 2014
  • Where: St Gwenfaen’s Hall, Rhoscolyn, Anglesey
  • Marquee: 9m x 12m with Clear Gable
  • Style: DIY and Unpretentious, Full of Colour, Creative, Friend & Family Orientated

Iain and Becky Campbell recently got married and chose St Gwenfaen’s Hall in Rhoscolyn for their big day. They decided the hall was ideal for them as it provided a blank canvas for their imagination... or as Iain puts it “Becky’s tat”. The venue has a rustic charm in a beautiful seaside setting and a cute arts and crafts style.

Tents and Events provided a medium sized marquee alongside the hall for the 90 guests dining and the bar and dance floor in the evening were located inside the hall. Becky and Iain had a blessing inside the hall in the daytime which was given by both the bride and groom’s brothers. The wedding was filled with personal and handmade touches which included origami bird backdrops, ribbons, hundreds of colourful flowers in jam jars direct from the market and even hand knitted mice for the individual cheeses courtesy of Becky’s mum Roberta (to name a few). The marquee decorations included spectacular upturned vintage umbrellas hung from the roof, and place settings in the form of Polaroid pictures taken by the couple during the course of their relationship. 

So many highlights including a male voice choir heralding the start of the trip to the beach, beachside picnic with jam jar cocktails and unbelievable night-time party! The weather was incredible- however if this hadn’t been the case it still wouldn’t have been a beautiful day with beautiful people. I would say Tents and Events had this day well and truly covered!