The University of Manchester Graduation

  • When: 18th July 2015
  • Where: The University Campus, Oxford Road, Manchester
  • Marquee: 15m x 36m, 12m x 12m, Wooden Chalets, Ivory Pleated Linings, Purple Swags
  • Style: Top spec. & formal ending to Academic Year

Graduation is a significant milestone in every student’s career – it’s an opportunity for the University to formally recognise hard work and congratulate academic success.

It’s also a special time for family and friends, who will gather from near and far to celebrate the student's achievements and wish them luck as they embark on a new adventure.

Each year Tents and Events provides anything required for this special occasion- from emergency lighting, vehicle tracking, picket fencing, furniture of all styles- to name a few. We even have Wooden Chalets for information hubs or merchandise.